Non-inductive coil experiment using both outputs

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cd_sharp posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey, guys

Following the work I started here

I'll experiment feeding current to the load from both coils.

Trying more stuff to make the time the POCs interact longer.

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Jagau posted this 2 weeks ago

 Interesting Cd, I experimented this way and my power supply
was receiving more than he gave,

I do not know if you come to the same conclusion?


cd_sharp posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey, Jagau I noticed the input voltage from the PS fluctuates. I'm still fiddling..

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Wistiti posted this 2 weeks ago

Same for me guys. I have bettre results at output and reduced input when using both poc.

Unfortunately no scope shoot to show you. Just my old video on my youtube channel... for sure the way the polarity of the diode in the poc setup played a major role for the effect.

Jagau posted this 2 weeks ago

Yes CD 

my power supply is programmed to turn off automatically when there is an unknown source in addition to that of the P.S.

there is something to study, it is very interesting


cd_sharp posted this 7 hours ago

Hey, guys

In this very interesting experiment I add a second power switch on the POC2 rail this time to be able to switch it off and see the effect.

I'm thinking this is too complicated. I need to be able to switch on or off POC2. I wonder if using a second Vidura Power switch and time it properly with my function generator is not too complicated. Maybe if I try a current controlled method like a transistor is a simpler and cleaner way.

Anyway, this is the clear proof that the longer the POCs interact, the better for us, there's more light at the output and there is less power consumed from the PS.

Chris posted this 5 hours ago

Hey CD,

Another excellent observation:

this is the clear proof that the longer the POCs interact, the better for us, there's more light at the output and there is less power consumed from the PS.


Absolutely correct my friend! Energy over Time, Watt Seconds, we must have a greater product and Time is where we get AU.

From the Time t, where Diodes Conduct, the POC's Oppose each other, which means at least one, must, Assist the Primary. This assist brings down the Primary Current.

Power of the POC's or PoPOC's - Energy is Pumped, over a greater Time.

I am so pleased that you, and others, see this the same way I do CD!


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