My Friends,

In recent weeks Team Members here at have gained a new and fantastic understanding! For these Members, Doors are opening like never before!

Keep this in your mind: Our machines work, read between the lines when you read our posts and keep that in mind, Our Machines Work!

Every other Energy Forum or Energy Research Group are all copying Our Work! They have been for along time now!

When you put the work in, when you gain the understanding we have worked hard to obtain, which we are sharing with you all, then you will see brand new opportunities, a beautiful new world opens up to you!

Our Members are more than Awesome, they are completely and absolutely Awesome!


We have minds here that are so far ahead in Energy Technology that one day we will put our entire Scientific Community to shame!

When you get to a certain point, it is easy to look at the system as an Antiquated Steam Powered Industrial Age!


Science is so Antiquated, so far behind! Many of Today's Technologies have not changed in over 100 Years! They have become Lazy and Stagnant! Sloppy and Complacent!

All Readers, please catch up, please read what Members here write! Please understand the background behind what we say!

It is Super Important, what we are sharing is the Future! We are repairing the Path Humanity were on! Our new Path, a fantastic Path, full of Opportunity and full of Hope! Our Team is doing what no one has ever done before!

The world is changing, more people are making a difference, pushing boundaries that have never been pushed before:


The Future is going to be Glorious.

Step up My Friends, Join Us! Be part of something Better!

Be part of History by making a difference Today! You have much more Power than you think!  You pick your Area and Make That Change! Push Hard, Work Hard, Learn Hard! Let nobody tell you it cant be done, ignore them and do it!

Lets lift this Research and Development to a new level Together!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,