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tribulationcoming posted this 18 July 2018

Hello, Hope all are well,

Have been experimenting for many years. Get an idea and build it using basic concepts and principles of physics. I may spend 20+ hours a week, sometimes less and sometimes more, having as many as six or seven devices running at a time. Had to build a Tesla hairpin circuit, a very useful device for experimentation. Built many pulse motors and oscillating transformers, which have self charging capabilities, batteries are the main power source. By the way.....Don't do the calculations, use empirical method only, trial and error, lots of error. If you let the smoke out of those components, they won't work any more!!!  Well, to make a short story long [that's a joke] and because of sometimes being long winded, there is one device which could be of much importance and in various areas. The "field coupled torque translator" is what it is called. Posted it on YouTube on  Mar 13, 2017 4:58 PM and have had thus for 88 views, WOW.

As I have placed the idea and design out there for anyone who has a creative imagination. It is not just a physical mechanism, but a method of producing electricity and more, it is an electromagnetic device. I would hope someone will study, learn, and utilize the possibilities which are inherent in it. The link:  

Presently am building a Sweet device, if there is any degree of success it will be posted.

When I build something, whether it does anything or not, it has to be well made.

Anyway, I will post any progress with the VTA.


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Munny posted this 19 September 2020

Also "New, but not".  Rather certain Chris knows me under a different alias--send me a PM and I'll clue you in.


I've been looking things over and what I think I will attempt is a PoC generator using a concept that TinMan demonstrated--a blocking coil.  I wanted to do this with air-core coils like ol' Steve Gillis, but that isn't going to work.  The generator must have cores and since it must have cores, cogging is going to happen.  To minimize cogging then, the core to rotor magnet ratio has to be something fractional.  I'll probably go with 8 rotor magnets and 7 cores for starters.

The idea is fairly straight forward:

Two rotors, each with 8 magnets.  When assembled, all rotor magnets will be oriented in the same direction.  The purpose here is to create unipolar magnetic distortions where the lines of flux focus from rotor to rotor.  They will somewhat cut the coils in between and some shielding/redirection may be needed.  Ideally these lines of magnetic flux will briefly polarize ferrite cores and these cores will in-turn produce lines of flux that cut the coil conductors.  The arrangement of the coils is like a pancake, top coil is a blocking coil, center coil is a generator coil and the bottom coil is another blocking coil connected in reverse to the top coil.

The main load can be connected to the generator coil, but another load is necessary for the two blocking coils and must have a diode in the conductive path to work against the EMF created by the generator coil.  In effect, the two blocking coils will actually assist the permanent rotor magnets.

I'll try to draw something up for the English impaired and for those that are far more visual than they are verbal.


Chris posted this 19 September 2020

Hey Munny,

I do, yes.

If I my, in an attempt to save you Time and Money, a quick replication of CaptainLoz's Work will solve all your problems here and be a lot cheaper and also simpler. 

It is quite straight forward to get COP 1.7 to 1.9, times from the Machine! It does take some understanding, so close study of videos will help.

We all here will help!

Most of us have achieved this and have a machine at various different stages. CD, Fighter with a different approach but getting the same end result, all very important.

Ether way, I will be pleased to see your progress! Welcome, under the new name!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friend,



Munny posted this 19 September 2020

Thank you Chris for the warm welcome.  And by the way, you're about the only person I see on any forums these days that is still "all in".  Which is why I'm here.  I can't give up on this until something literally explodes on my workbench and takes me out.


Hmmm...   Simple aay...?   I like simple.

Maybe I should give it a whirl.  Switching and synchronous rectification is a piece of cake with these Silicon Carbide JFETs I've been using lately.  The beauty of power JFETs is they are high-speed voltage controlled resistors--think bidirectional, just like a true mechanical switch only many orders of magnitude faster.  The only thing you have to remember about them is they are normally ON and you have to hit them with a reverse voltage (about -15 volts) to turn them OFF.  ON is about 0.02 ohms; OFF is well over 10M ohms.


If COP > 1.5 is possible, looping is a no brainer.  And you know what that means right?  No measurements--it either runs or it does not.  No guessing required.  And just so I don't get blasted with that statement.  All systems are open systems unless you have the Devine Providence of God to be able to control every sub-atomic particle that composes your device and the ones that interact with it too.


Let's go for a Runner and then you can all help me scale it up.  smile


Chris posted this 19 September 2020

Hey Munny,

Thanks, I try.

Some here have Self Runners, all are at different levels.

Measurements are good once one is at a certain stage, to make steps in the right direction. This helps, but not in early stages, early stages, it confuses and misdirects.

When you're ready, start a thread and we will help you!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friend,

   Chris awesome starts here! - Thank You L0stf0x
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