Hello, Hope all are well,

Have been experimenting for many years. Get an idea and build it using basic concepts and principles of physics. I may spend 20+ hours a week, sometimes less and sometimes more, having as many as six or seven devices running at a time. Had to build a Tesla hairpin circuit, a very useful device for experimentation. Built many pulse motors and oscillating transformers, which have self charging capabilities, batteries are the main power source. By the way.....Don't do the calculations, use empirical method only, trial and error, lots of error. If you let the smoke out of those components, they won't work any more!!!  Well, to make a short story long [that's a joke] and because of sometimes being long winded, there is one device which could be of much importance and in various areas. The "field coupled torque translator" is what it is called. Posted it on YouTube on  Mar 13, 2017 4:58 PM and have had thus for 88 views, WOW.

As I have placed the idea and design out there for anyone who has a creative imagination. It is not just a physical mechanism, but a method of producing electricity and more, it is an electromagnetic device. I would hope someone will study, learn, and utilize the possibilities which are inherent in it. The link:  

Presently am building a Sweet device, if there is any degree of success it will be posted.

When I build something, whether it does anything or not, it has to be well made.

Anyway, I will post any progress with the VTA.