Natures Dual Vortex Cones

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Chris posted this 21 September 2017

This is just an interesting observation, a natural thing seen in Nature a lot of the time if studied close enough.

Nature is awesome, it is Ultimate! We are students in a Class Rom and Nature is the Teacher.

Spin Vortices have two polarity's, this we know. The two polarity's are said to merge, join, become one, but my observations say that they do not! 


This Image, you can see, a specific Dual Spin Polarity Vortex:


Also, some more, and colours show a whole new Spin Phenomena:


Physics Girl, says: "It almost looks like the Red is engulfing the Blue" - A very astute observation!


Also, another very interesting and mesmerising phenomena is:


These very simple observations have amazing implications! This potentially means that the Magnetic Field, the A Vector Potential is subject to the same Spin Dual Vortices!  The Magnetic Field extending past the actual boundary's where we currently expect to see a boundary!

The Spins we see are different in Nature to each other, not of the same basic properties, as a result, they can not become one! They are separate from each other, but one funnels the other!


Wistiti posted this 22 September 2017

Great observation my freind!!!

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