MEG peak current switching circuit

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cd_sharp posted this 04 April 2019

Hi, everyone

I just had this idea last night and I began to put it to use:

And the first result:

Yellow is input current, and dark blue is the voltage over the Zener diode measured as A-B floating.

I'll be back on this..

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Chris posted this 04 April 2019

Hey CD,

If your Output is a resistive load, which a Globe will be, or a even a Wire Wound Resistor at Low Frequency, is Resistive in nature, then Voltage Peaks can be used. 

Because Voltage and Current will be mostly in Phase.

All components have a little of the three basics, Restivity, Capacity and Inductivity. Normally, one will always dominate.

I will get around to doing a SPI and or I2C Current sensing Tutorial one day.

Nice, thanks for sharing!


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