My Friends,

I want to spread some real Butter on our Sandwich! Some motivation for our efforts to make this world a Better Place!


Elon Musk is inspirational! A man that has changed the world already! A man that has had a ton of Skeptics, and all of them proven wrong! Oh dear how sad, what a shame!


I have, if you have not already seen them, created some Categories about Space and the current progress I have researched.

Its way past time the Human Race started to make progress! Its so Important! Energy is one of many of the critical domains we MUST make progress!

Excessive Skepticism is a very dangerous, destructive, Human Fault, a little skepticism is healthy!

Never let yourself be Bound by Convention, especially when the Convention is Not Complete or even worse, WRONG!

There is a reason we have two sides of the Brain, there is a reason we have "Free Will". There is a reason we have "Thought", and a reason we have Individual Control of our Mind.

Our Brain is truly the most powerful thing we are given at Birth.

I quote from a great mind:

There was, there is, as we find, only three of the creations as is given, matter force and mind.



Please, everyone, push, push the boundaries that those before us have not pushed. It is so extremely important for progress!

All of the Greatest Minds have all been full of Intuition, with Reason and Common-Sense! Control of the Right and Left areas of the Brain.

"The Magic happens when you break Symmetry"


  1. A Transformer is inherently Symmetrical!
  2. An Electrical "Generator" is inherently Symmetrical!
  3. They do NOT have to be!


In a short time, we can each, have Energy Independence! My Websites give you this!