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admin posted this 21 March 2017

Please be aware, we do not promote violence! But, at the same time, we will not tolerate Our Users being Bullied or Ridiculed at this forum - Everyone gets a Fair Go!

I would like to ask, if you are being Bullied, or Ridiculed in any way, please Report the Troll via the Report Button here in the Forum, found in many places, or, our Contact Us Page! Lets keep reporting between you and I and we will get to the bottom of the issue!

The Link is at the top: Contact

We will investigate and if there is enough evidence, we will give three Warnings and then that user will be Deleted and all posts will be Removed.

The User will be Banned and the IP will be Logged.

Please report people you believe are causing trouble and we will investigate!


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pat1 posted this 08 May 2017

Hi All,

I havn't personally experienced Trolls.  I found an interesting program on abc iview called "Cyberhate with Tara Moss".  Just wanted to share it as Tara eventually goes into human skills to deal with them i thought might be useful.

much respect,


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Chris posted this 09 May 2017

Thanks Pat1 - Not watched it yet, but here is the link:

Over at some other forums, one in particular, they are Rampant! Little groups of Brainless Idiots! Always shooting others down! I don't want to name names, but I have Profiled these people, Name, Phone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses and where they live, just in-case.


Marathonman posted this 29 April 2018

 GREGLAZOR is a spammer and a troll.


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Chris posted this 29 April 2018

Hey Guys,

Member "greglazor", has been Banned. IP has been reported to the APNIC and IANA as a spammer and serial pest.

We will not tolerate Goon Squad Trolls here! Thank you to all Members reporting this user, we have given this person a chance and they did not right their wrongs!

All back on track now, happy progressing my Friends!



P.S: I am a little flattered that someone, Paid or Un-Paid, would come here to distract and disturb as much as this person has! WOW, we must be Important!

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Marathonman posted this 30 April 2018

and what distraction are you referring to, er um the Spamming Jester.

Paid, UN-Paid or just stupid take your pic.



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Chris posted this 22 May 2018

My Friends,

After Crushing our last Troll: "greglazor"

Today we have cleaned up some Threads and Posts that were negative and unnecessary.

I want you all to know, I am fully aware of every post on this forum, and unfortunately I can only act on these posts when I see them. I think it is fair and just to give people a chance to right their wrongs.

My point is, I will not tolerate any attacks on other Members! All genuine Members are important to me! Trolls I care not.

Of course I can only bring down my Big Red Troll Crusher and Removal Button once problems are spotted, then a little time to act.

We must be proud, the Trolls come, we crush and remove. They are targeting us for a very good reason:

We are Light Years Beyond the Other Forums!


Lets rise above the rest and hold our heads high knowing they come to our domain to target us and we send them home crying.


Marathonman posted this 27 May 2018

I just thought you would get a kick out of this Chris.

i made it today.


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Chris posted this 27 May 2018

Hey MM, Classic thanks for sharing!

Yes, the Internet seems to be full of Trolls! They work hard for their money, i'll give em that!


Chris posted this 29 October 2018

My Friends,

Idea1Man also known as Bob, has been banned for Trolling Our Forum.

After many warnings and a LOT of Spam, off Topic Posts and Threads, I made the decision to Ban Idea1Man for excessive personal attacks.

This post is just so you know.


Zanzal posted this 30 October 2018

The Chris is our master, the Chris decides who shall stay and who shall go. Farewell Idea1Man, you have been chosen.


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Chris posted this 31 October 2018

Hey Zanzal,

I like Humour! This is the approach Idea1man did try to start.

However, he was Trolling, many Personal Attacks against people including myself, posts off topic, threads off topic, all of the things we are working hard to eliminate in our Forum.

The effort made by Idea1man to distract, and demotivate was planned, to Infiltrate and destroy from within. Planned Paid Trolling!

I have deleted, already, his work, and I will continue to do so! Trolling will be Deleted!

We will NOT allow Trolls! Our Troll Policy is very strict!

I stopped his effort. Sorry but this is true.

   Buzz Lightyear aka Chris

Marathonman posted this 31 October 2018

Open chamber, insert bullet, close chamber, aime, FIRE!

Dead Troll, it's that simple.



Chris posted this 01 November 2018

Hey MM,

Perhaps a little too far, but yes, we will not allow Trolls! Period!


Chris posted this 08 January 2019

Member: "Ziggy" has been Scrubbed, and Banned. 

Reason: Too much noise, and he was phishing for Member distractions as well as disrespect for our Forum and Members.

He was warned once.


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Chris posted this 09 January 2019

Member: "Way-over-unity" has also been Scrubbed and Banned for the same things above. The same being has returned with a new IP. It has been recorded and a letter is being drafted to his ISP and also APNIC, IANA and Internet abuse Canada.

I am tempted to close registrations for a while, to let the inrush of Trolls subside!



Prometheus posted this 09 January 2019

I appreciate your efforts, Chris. I tend to get sucked into conversation with the scientific neophytes who believe they've arrived at "The Answer", and who are generally immune to Clue. Eventually, the conversation usually devolves into my presenting scientific evidence, and the counterparty denying said evidence and insisting that only they have "The Answer". Your gleaning of these sorts frees my time to pursue further research.

Although, I must say, there have been a few "diamonds in the rough" who were genuinely the vanguard of scientific knowledge and  taught me a lot despite appearing at first to be a neophyte... some don't communicate as well as others.

I'd recommend a bit more rope to newbies, we need to see if they have anything to offer, or if they're just pretenders.


Zanzal posted this 09 January 2019

Thanks Chris for keeping the forum clean. I agree with Prometheus on observing new people and trying to gauge their behavior, but I totally agree that Ziggy 1.0 and 2.0 exhibited narcissistic shill-like behavior and needed to be purged with fire.

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Chris posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Guys,

Ziggy and I had a few PM's and also a few messages on YouTube. He seemed like a nice guy! When he found out about our Energy Work, he seemed to become very skeptical. Making unnecessary comments.

I am all or giving people a chance, but trashing our Forum, making disrespectful comments. Its just easier if they stay out, not a member of our forum. However, I will make a little more effort next time.


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Zanzal posted this 09 January 2019

I am all or giving people a chance, but trashing our Forum, making disrespectful comments. Its just easier if they stay out, not a member of our forum. However, I will make a little more effort next time.

Hey Chris, yeah I was very hopeful he was here to help push toward meaningful solutions to the world's problems, but how he responded to being banned proves you were right to ban him. I don't believe his question was given with intent to illicit a real answer, rather it appeared to me that he believed our goal was to create electrons and saw the futility of that and went out of his way to discourage us. As I told him when he PM'd me his question: Overunity in my view is not about creating electrons, its about the manipulation of vector and scalar potentials to perform extra work. Of course that's not a perfect answer, but its a very simple way of looking at the objective as opposed to creating electrons.

Had he been more open minded and encouraging in his attitude toward our individual endeavors he probably could have been a decent contributor. But he chose the other path to discourage others. We have no need for those who are here to disrupt our research.

alohalaoha posted this 09 January 2019

Hey Chris

Good job man

Keep it up - cleaning trolls bustards from this forum. There is no place for them.

Have a good time in Oz.

Best wishes


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