Free Energy Bucking Coils-Audio Amplifier-Signal Generator Experiment.17

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mrblobby posted this 3 weeks ago

GEORGE CHANIOTAKIS has put out a very interesting new video today.

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Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

Hey MrBlobby, thanks for sharing!


@Wistiti, I wonder where George got these ideas from? This is some of yours and Lostfox's work! He has not credited you or Lostfox.

We spent hours calculating Battery Capacity and usage.



Wistiti posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Chris! It is most l0stf0x devices than mine but yes it is almost the same as we have built some time ago... 😉

Chris posted this 3 weeks ago

My Friends,

For those that wish to know a little more, this was first posted to: Split positive + Plasma generator + Bucking Coils Combination

I do wish people would give credit to others when taking and using others work!

Thanks Wistiti for the confirmation.



mrblobby posted this 3 weeks ago

Just watched the videos in the link you provided Chris, looks like you're correct. I watch SO many of these device videos it's hard to keep track of who's done what. Georges video piqued my interest though and that's why I posted it. You'll have to leave George a comment re: Lostfox's work.

Chris posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey MrBlobby,

I am glad you posted it, it shows where George has gotten in the last months.

Lostfox and George did make contact at some point. An Invite was extended to George to join us here but he declined.

Lostfox appears to have left us. I guess, its not up to me to pull George up on this.