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Chris posted this 17 July 2017

I want to start by quoting:

There was, there is, as we find, only three of the creations as is given, matter force and mind.

It is true, three truly is a Magic Number! A Number given by the Creator!

Force can and does manifest itself in many forms. One we are interested in for our research, is the Inverse Square Law Force. Many other forces including Wind can be exploited.

Inverse Square Law Forces include:


One of my most favourite devices, completely self running, entirely on the Inverse Square Law of Grivation is the Hydraulic Ram Pump. Some 300 odd years old, very well understood. This devices has losses like all Devices do. But the input Energy from the Environment is greater than the Losses and the Energy to run the Device.


It is true, other devices can and do run on the same principles. Using Force to do work. But understanding how these Forces work, and how they can be harnessed is a Experimental Process.

Wind can also be used, Down Wind Faster than Wind:


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HDZeddies posted this 20 July 2017

Hi Chris,

The very impressive pump works a little bit different and I doubt, that there will be made energy. But it is a very good example for us if we talk about generating of free (unexpensive) energy.

At first the function in my view.

The water has a potential energy because of his height (E=m*g*h). The gravity (an acceleration force) effects the water to go downhill while the stored energy will change to velocity. No we have the energy in moving form (E = 1/2*m*V*V).

Now the water or better a small portion of the water is inserted in the Pump where the valve is closed. Now the energy of inertia is high (because of the speed) and water will be pressed upwards, until the speed slows down. Then the valve is closed and water speeds up again.

The interesting thing that the energy to lift the water comes from the gravity. Gravity is normally a linear force from top to bottom and in this case it is used to lift the water.

By the way, no one remarks, that the energy is now in the pumped water and no one remarks the losses of energy in the water in the bottom. Because there is so much energy that we can use it without consequences.

I wish it would be as easy as this to change energy of the environment in electrical energy.

Other good example is the ventury effect or the Laval effect which is used in Jets .




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Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency (February 1892).