My Friends,

We are moving into territory that now can become dangerous. I encourage safety at all times!

Electrical Energy can be very dangerous! Experiments with Power can be lethal! Equipment can be very easily damaged!

For protection, I must enforce a disclaimer:

I am hereby, not responsible for harm, in anyway, or damage to equipment, in anyway, when experimenting with the Technology and Circuits I am sharing. I share what I am sharing with the expectation that you have deemed yourself capable and competent to safely experiment with all content, technology and circuits, on this forum and websites I have.

I cannot be held responsible for in-experience, an expectation to competently and safely handle experiments of this nature, is required and expected.

I reserve the right to change this disclaimer at anytime to protect myself from un-fair lawsuits.


This forum contains enough information, if you follow the path, to build machines that can, not only, run themselves, power loads, with excess energy to spare!

With most kind regards, and deepest respect,

   Chris Sykes