Current Amplifier Billion times

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alohalaoha posted this 17 November 2018

Finally found Japanesse Tanaka patent for Current Amplifier (CA) and winding configuration.

Guess what coil configuration Japanesse had been used in CA ? Partnered coils !

Experimentally confirmed that current from I=10-8A (10nA) change magnetic flux densiy to 100Gauss (0,01T).

It means we have deal with Amplification coefficient of 1 Billion times (180dB). And all of these thanks to complex spin structure of magnetic conductor made from Manganese magnet and Amplifying dielectric element made from Carbon.

Магнитопровод из Манганина сплава меди 85 % , с добавкой марганца 11,5% и никеля 3,5 %

Manganese = alloy of 85 % Copper, 11,5% Mangan and 3,5% Nickel.


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Altair posted this 30 January 2020

Thanks aloha for this document.

It is a good thing to remember special configurations like this, for eventual future application in our projects!

By the way, I would gladly settle for an amplification factor of 10, instead of a Billion... wink

cd_sharp posted this 31 January 2020

Hey, Altair

For the basics of current amplification please replicate Mr Preva experiment which can be summarized in the words of the great Floyd Sweet:

In the specific case of positive charges moving to the right and negative charges to the left, the effect of both actions is positive charge moving to the right.

Current to the right is: I = da+ / dt + da- / dt.

Negative electrons flowing to the left contribute to the current flowing to the right.


"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

Altair posted this 31 January 2020

Thanks cd sharp,

Indeed I firmly intend to start experimenting, but for the moment I'm learning, gathering information, processing everything. I registered just yesterday, after having spent the preceeding 3 days intensively browsing this site, and I'm not finished yet...

The time and energy that Chris spent in creating this site is impressive. The results are showing! Thanks to everyone of you for your contributions, it's greatly appreciated.



cd_sharp posted this 31 January 2020

Hey, Altair,

Alright, take your time, whenever you're ready we are here.

The time and energy that Chris spent in creating this site is impressive.

Yes, and I'll do everything I can to help.

"It's just the knowledge of the coils and how they interact with each other" (Steven Mark)

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Chris posted this 31 January 2020

Hey Altair, Thank You!

CD is very knowledgeable and has done many experiments showing Current Gains and more! We can all help, you may be able to tell, we are all one big happy family here! All of us have the same or very similar goals!

Let us know when you're ready!

Feel free to create your own thread and share your experiments! 

You are safe here! All of us can help if you need help!


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  • cd_sharp awesome starts here! - Thank You L0stf0x
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