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Chris posted this 24 April 2020

My Friends,

My obligations here will come First and Foremost! You, my friends here are my first priority and I will always be here for you before I spread myself too think else where!

I have organised with Stefan and Chet ( ramset ) to have an organised, Moderated Thread here: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group

This was my first post:

My Friends,

I started Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy back in January 2015. It was a success and Partnered Output Coils is now part of every serious Experiment today!

While some struggle, others report great success.

The biggest problem we had was, we could have done the release and Introduction with several hundred less pages on Stefan's Forum! Far too many trouble makers! Yes I could have handled myself a little better, but when one gets Attacked all the time, one tends to get a little defensive.

We Introduce: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group

Chet ( Ramset ) and I are the moderators. There will be opposition, there will be some that don't like being moderated, we will be fair, we will only moderate what we need to! We aim to keep the Trouble makers out and the Motivation High!

No one is twisting your Arm, you join in and participate if you want to! This is your Choice! If your not participating, then please refrain from posting. We want those that have experience posting and all here to help each other.

1: Off Topic Posts will be deleted!
2: Posts containing Harassment will be deleted!
3: Slanderous Posts will be deleted!

I urge all interested parties, Gear Up, we are gonna break new ground! I will do the best I can to help others here! My Team must always come first however, but I am serious, I want every human being on the planet to have the opportunity to learn something amazing and simple!

1: Input Coil - 10% Duty Cycle starting at about 3 Volts into 25 turns 1.2mm Wire.
2: Secondary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Primary, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.
3: Tertiary Coil - 70 - 200 Turns 0.8mm wire - Opposes the Secondary Coil, Assists the Primary Coil, use the Right Hand Grip Rule.

Make sure you have nice clean switching on your Input Coil. You need a Voltage Source that you can turn up, this is important to see the effects.

I have coined a term: Delayed Conduction, I have many hundreds of very detailed articles on my Forum:, please use the pages there for reference! Please use: Builders Guide to Aboveunity Machines for extra help!

Remember: Greater than 90% of the time, your Input is Off, this means your Output should be Off, there is no way for your Output to be On is there - Well yes, this is where Science has no proper explanation for whats occurring! One of many gaping holes in Electromagnetics! Let me tell you something very important:

1: The Change in Magnetic Field Creates a Voltage!
2: The Opposition of Magnetic Fields Pumps Current!
3: The term Magnetic Fields is Interchangeable with Current, as a Current is the same thing / Creates a Magnetic Field!

Your Coils must be Loaded at all times, or this will not work! It is advantageous to think: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

We have a Historical Record to support Asymmetrical Regauging, as long as one can get the Potential, Voltage sufficiently high enough: I = V / R, then your machines will produce: Above Unity Results!

Don Smith:


The MEG Team:



Quote from: tinman on June 25, 2015, 02:259 PM

What-you mean like the below scope shot's?
First scope shot before the diode.
Second scope shot after the diode,and large cap removed.

EDIT: Below, see Before and after Diode.


Graham Gunderson:


I have done a video series, to try to explain Partnered Output Coils, the effects, what to look for, how to solve problems and how to make the Coils Act and React together in an advantageous way!



The Sawtooth Wave Form is the defining Energy "Generation" Waveform! Please, always keep this in mind! Think in terms of Energy "Generation"!

You need to think in terms of Symmetry vs Asymmetry! A Symmetrical System can Never Go Above Unity! Your System needs to be Asymmetrical, this is a requirement to be able to "Generate" excess energy beyond the Unity Boundary! Its worth Bench-Marking your machine in Transformer mode, making sure you have around 80% Efficiency at least. Then anything above the 80% mark you can verify, has entered the System beyond the Benchmark value!

As I have shown for many years, Partnered Output Coils must oppose, must Buck each other, there is a specific Polarity to this and the polarity needs to be right. Then you need to focus on the "Generation" Phase, and maximise that phase, remember: I = V / R, Ohms Law. Keep in the back of your head, nearly all the Energy "Generation" Phase is done when your Input is OFF! Thus the short Duty Cycle.

NOTE: Your Machine Pumps Current for almost 100% of the Cycle, but your Input is only on around 10%, or less, so > 90% of the Cycle, you have Energy Output, Energy Output when your Input is OFF, this is significant!

If you only take one thing from what I have posted, please take the following sentence:

Its all just an Understanding, think Asymmetry, forget Symmetry. The Magic happens when you break Symmetry! Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction!

I hope we get a good response from everyone! Good intentions bring forth Good Intentions, but also brings not so good Intentions, thus why we will Moderate. Please think twice before posting.

Please Remember: This is a Builders Group, if you are not building, then if you can make sure you only post useful, serious discussion, you think that would be helpful for others!

I would like to personally Invite Tinman to join us, that is if he wishes.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
Chris Sykes


Of course, I would rather dedicate my time here, but I see many good inventors over there, not making any real progress, so I also feel obligated to try to help them also.

Some of us are very advanced, we also are still learning, even though we are very far advanced. The more we can learn the better. The Ball is now Rolling!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Vidura posted this 24 April 2020

Hey Chris,

Great that you could make peace , there is no place for struggle and fighting in the Golden Age. It will be beneficious for all to work in unison, the more people that join and put effort for the common cause , the more progress will come. Thumbs up my Friend! 


Chris posted this 24 April 2020

Thanks Vidura,

Yes, I really try not to hold grudges! It is amazing how things can change over time, sometimes that's all some people need, time to allow for change!

I want everyone to know we are trying to get this out to people! Even though we still have trouble making this work somethings.

Together we can make the changes we so desperately need in the world!

Best wishes,


strape posted this 24 April 2020

Hello Chris.
Great article where everything is summarized in one place,
I think this will help beginners like me a lot.
I am constantly reading this forum, I am a big fan of you and everyone involved. Your efforts in this forum lead us newcomers to understanding and success .. Thank you very much ..
Have a nice day

I apologize for any ambiguity in the text, translated by google :-)

Chris posted this 24 April 2020

@Strape - Please dont worry, your translation is fully understandable!

Thank You Very much!

Best wishes,


Chris posted this 01 May 2020

My Friends,

The combined effort with is not going as well as I had previously thought.

My current opinion is, there is still an effort to create division there. Division is created by seducing others to their own thread where they can be their very own moderator. You know the old saying: "Give a little bit of power and let then hang themselves..."

Its a new tactic, and will be a successful tactic for them if others are not aware of it.

This tactic creates division, separation and makes impossible for anyone to follow, especially when there is a language barrier involved.

I will be much more cautious what I post there from now on.

My First and Main Priority is Here, this forum and all of YOU! I was hoping we could get a few more builders on track, but it appears it was wishful thinking on my part.

We have more than we need here with the worlds smartest people!

Best wishes,



P.S: They are all lazy, they want others to do the work and thinking for them, give them all, so they can have control of it all.

Chris posted this yesterday

My Friends,

As you all know, I have tried to get more replicating, working on this very successful technology we have shared with everyone over at

What a difficult bunch of people over there! This we already know!

It is like they still have an agenda, to cover up and dismiss the important technologies, a new tactic in the approach of Suppressing Important Technologies. The System they had failed, simply because we changed the rules of the Game they played. They bring in the top EE Guys over there and blatantly dismiss, with zero reasoning and facts to support the blatant dismissal:


You said

Sorry Smudge, I don't see why this all seems so impossible, especially when all My Experiments support and prove this? I see so much resistance from others for the most obvious things and get quite frustrated sometimes.

It may be obvious to you but to me it is far from obvious.  I am not sure what you wanted to achieve by posting here, are you trying to get me to agree with you?  My background and experience tells me that you have it wrong and you are wasting your time trying to convince me otherwise.  If you are hoping to convince others then you do yourself no favours by quoting ground breaking research using particle accelerators costing billions finding exotic effects occurring at enormous energy levels as supporting your experimental findings.   

Members on my forum are already well aware of this information.

Then that is the forum for any continuation of your work, not my forum.

Smudge, if i may, a question: If the Energy comes from the Core, then whats the Transfer Mechanism from the Core Material, past the Insulation, into the Conducting Copper Wire?

The same as for any transformer, it is the magnetic vector potential, the A field.  The time rate-of-change of the A field creates a force on electrons and therefore can be considered as creating an E field.



My Blunt and direct reply:


Hi Smudge,

Interesting, as the Magnetic A Vector Potential is a Field, not contained in the Core, but outside the Core and specifically not a product of the Core, but a Product of the Magnetic Field Created by the Coils, the Core only guiding the Magnetic A Vector Potential. The Magnetic A Vector Potential being present with or without a Core, as Basic Transformer Theories Primary Energy Transfer Function.

It is clear, we have very different perspectives. No I have no wish for you to agree with me! I have read much of your musings, much of it is close, but lacks some important facts and concepts from my experience. All I was trying to do is give you some fresh perspective, perhaps the breakthrough to finish off your theories and complete them. My Members have running Machines, some are self running, but alas, there are no doors open here!

I wish you well Smudge, I have the greatest respect for you, however I see you are not open to explore the territory needed to finish.

Best wishes, stay safe and well in these dire times,

   Chris Sykes

Ref: EMJunkie - My Post Reference


For The Record: I like Smudge, but one does have to question intentions and why, specifically, he is so intent on avoiding the most basic of ideas and approaches, especially when they have been independently verified by others! This is quite the dilemma! Quite the Conundrum.

It is very hard to trust anyone, the vested interests in this field are broad and very diverse, but if one follows the money, then the personal, then one finds quickly that the most genuine can be easily influenced by the simplest things, so My Advice: Trust no-One, Question Everything.

My Dear Friends, I have learnt lots from you, I hope you have learnt lots from me! We do this together, that's where we have a huge advantage!

I have given the exact same base experiments we have here, in this post here, not one person has replicated and shared the results, a very interesting and thought provoking fact!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Wistiti posted this yesterday

It was predictable my freind! ;-)

That 's exactly why I leave this place.

Take care!

Chris posted this yesterday

My Friends,

@Wistiti, I agree My Friend, but you know me, always trying to get others involved in the Technology.

An example of my effort being taken advantage of:

It should be known, others are experimenting on what I have shared, ever since I was banned here, one such example:

Exactly the same, even showing the same waveforms.

The secrets lay in plain sight, right here in-front of you. No one wants to admit it, and no one wants to share their work. Definitely no one wants to give credit to the original distributor of this information!

QUESTION: Why would Partzman experiment and share results over there, out of the sight of all here?


This paper will explain a means that will defeat or reduce the Lenz effect to near zero in a common transformer with two windings.


Guidelines to Bucking Coils. Lenz’s Law Free Power Extraction. Ring any bells?


Been doing this, since 2011... Introduced here, 2015, now, everyone is using this technology, without giving any credit whatsoever to those before them!

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
   Chris Sykes


Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group - Moderated!

Ref: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy


It is quite upsetting that others can so blatantly take advantage of this, of what I have shared, and some 5 Years later, take the credit for their amazing results and write a paper explaining how amazing they are and how they made such amazing discoveries! Damn!

Wow, the silence here is deafening  ??? !  So what's the problem?  Y'all don't believe it, don't get it, or don't give a $#%*?  If you detect a slight amount of frustration, congratulate yourself!

Anyway, for those who like stuff that rotates, here is a real world application of my post #40 that can easily be built to prove the concept in the form of a reluctance generator.

Take a coil, place it on a core that has a gap and we'll call the normal inductance of this arrangement Lg.  Next, fabricate a rotor with at least two segments that has a thickness that will reasonably fit in the gap in said core.  This rotor can be made of a ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, or diamagnetic material of one's choosing.  With the rotor positioned in the gap, the coil inductance will now be Lr. 

With a ferromagnetic rotor, Lr>Lg.  With a paramagnetic or diamagnetic rotor, Lg>Lr.  Aluminum in 3003/H14 makes a nice choice for a paramagnetic rotor and can yield reasonably high Lg/Lr ratios and is easy to work.

The rest is academic if you are a builder and understand my post #40.

If you build it, at least give me some credit.


Ref: partzmans board ATL


WHAT???? Credit???

Fighter and I have seen this several times now, others on the other forums are actively copying our work and taking credit for our work themselves. This is publically known, I have been sharing this since at least 2011, 2015 actively on in the form of: Partnered Output Coils - Free Energy

Partzman's paper attached below:

Best wishes, stay safe and well,
   Chris Sykes

Attached Files

Chris posted this yesterday

My Friends,

PM even uses my Naming Conventions:

All (Whoever you are),

Let's leave the sims for a moment and return to the bench.  The following is the result of bench testing a parametric coil assembly biased with a constant current as previously disclosed in my RLE papers.  I am withholding the build details of the coil assembly at this point in time and only wish to demonstrate the POC.

In reference to the schematic, L2 is the constant current inductor feeding the parametric inductor L1 and for this example, the constant current is ~500ma.  Lc is the control inductor and is biased for this example at 300ma.  When the current in Lc is 300ma, L1=Lmin and when the current in Lc is zero, L1=Lmax.

The next figure is the energy cost to charge Lc to 300ma which is 2.355*75.05e-6=177uJ.

The next two scope pix show the inductance profile Lmin and Lmax respectively of L1 with Lc=300ma.  We see Lmin=2.18mH and Lmax=5.12mH.

The next two scope pix show the operational current measurements prior to and following the change in inductance of L1 respectively.  Prior to the trigger point at 40us, L1=Lmin and following the fall of CH3(magenta) at ~82us, L1=Lmax.  From these measurements we can do the energy calculations.  The starting energy in Lmin is UL1min=.5099^2*.00218/2=283.4uJ.  The ending energy in L1max is UL1max=.5103^2*.00512/2=666.6uJ.
Interesting number, no?

We have not mentioned the energy required to charge L2 but that is not necessary because it will only be charged one time and will maintain it's current level or increase as is shown in this example.  The energy gain in L2 for this example is UL2(gain)=(.5103^2-.5099^2)*.1028/2=21uJ.

The last scope pix is the energy recovery in Lc during it's field collapse into the dc supply V3.  Here we see the recovery energy is ULc(recovery)=155uJ.  The initial energy cost to charge Lc is 177uJ leaving a net cost of 177uJ-155uJ= 22uJ.  Since the differential between the energy gain in L2 and the loss in Lc is 1uJ, it will be ignored and we will simply compare the starting and ending energies in L1 for any gain.

So, the starting energy in L1min is 283.4uJ and the ending energy in L1max is 666.6uJ therefore, the COP is 666.6uJ/283.4uJ=2.35 which is very close to the ratio of the parametric inductance values as I had predicted based on my previous simulation research in RLE. 

This POC demonstrates that a gain can be generated in a properly arranged parametric inductor powered by a constant current source.  I do have a theory as to how the gain is achieved but that is for later.


Ref: partzmans board ATL


Currently I can not see my name mentioned at all, as if he is claiming all this as his own invention.

Best wishes, stay safe and well,


Fighter posted this yesterday

Chris, do not worry. Everyone here knows who talked first about partnered coils. Any simple search on Google shows the same, try searching for "partnered output coils".

Let them steal, even if it's not fair still what they do means propagating more our technology. And that's actually our goal, even if they don't realize that they're actually working for our goal.

Personally I don't mind even if as you saw they're talking also about ZPM-like devices. No one can patent this as we all know what happened to anyone who tried to patent OU devices before (see as example Bearden and MEG).

This technology is in public domain now and anyone checking the source of this technology in the past will get the same results pointing to you and/or to our community.

We don't need their acknowledgment about the fact that's our technology. Anyone interested about the source will easily find it: you and our community.

Let them steal, let them work for our goal...

Be safe my friend,


baerndorfer posted this yesterday

people who are really interested in the truth always end up at the source. one earlier the other later. the source is here

thank you chris

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Jagau posted this yesterday

Hello Chris

I think the members of the aboveunity forum know that it is you who is the initiator of the project you are referring to, you should not doubt it. Everyone here knows that this is your work that we talk about so proudly here.

I don't need to go elsewhere to see what other members here have done and put online.

I don't think there is any other site that claims AU projects that work, here we have the proof and that's enough for me, no need to look elsewhere.


Chris posted this yesterday

My Dear Friends,

Thank You all so much!!!

Although seeing this sort of thing is disheartening, there is a positive side: Partzman reported anywhere from COP = 1.1 to COP = 4.70

This is another successful independent replication and verification of Partnered Output Coils.

Partzman is very skilled in Electrical Engineering, one of the top engineers over at the other forums, so this is a positive.

Please my friends, all reading, this does work, what I am sharing, what Members here on this forum are sharing with you, does work, we are the leaders in the world, we are the original sharing this information! What we are sharing with you is the real deal, Partzman has proven this for you.

Please join us, share your work, and please help the World Be Part of Something Better! Together, we can make this World a better place!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Dear Friends!


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