Beirut multiple Blasts

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Chris posted this 04 August 2020

My Friends,

My thoughts and well wishes are with the people of the Beirut Blasts! This is awful! How could anyone do this! News reports confiscated Ammonium Nitrate, yeah right! A few Garden Chemicals ain't the culprit here! Military Grade explosives for sure!

Edit: Trump has confirmed a Bomb!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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teebee posted this 06 August 2020

G'day Chris and all,

I don't want to say you are wrong about this blast as anything could have happened in the present environment, but "a hand full of garden chemicals" as you call them definately could  have caused this much damage. Apparently there were 300 tonnes of the stuff stored there. A long time ago I did a blasting course and used ammonium nitrate to blow up some stumps and rocks as  the practical part of the course and it burns at the same rate as the explosives we were using. By the way I heard on the news this morning that there is twice that amount stored within 3km of the Newcastle C.B.D.



Chris posted this 06 August 2020

Hi Tony,

I hope you are right and this was an accident! I would hate to think it was a deliberate act of violence! Of course, an Explosive is an Explosive and with enough, then this magnitude of explosion would be possible. This is awful! So many people killed and so many hurt! Awful thing! 

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friend,


Atti posted this 08 August 2020

EditTrump has confirmed a Bomb!


There is no doubt that the world is changing. It has always changed. In our present age, information can be found in a matter of seconds. This was not the case for a long time. Sooner or later everything will come to light!
Man is separated from the animal by being able to think, to ask things back, not to accept things just because that or that is said.
There is no conspiracy theory just thinking clearly.
Who do not accept the dogmatic dogmas of all time.

You dare to ask some things, statements the probability of cause, inferring cause and effect relationships. (of course there is usually trouble)
YouT has deleted the video following a complaint from the Israeli government. Still, we still have Twitter and we can see that the rocket has come in.
"The first explosion was caused by the Israeli anti-ship missile Gabriel. The second explosion was caused by the Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Beirut reports a tactical, miniature atomic bomb was used to attack the port, nuclear experts and researchers randomly pointed to the fireball's reacting particles."

Evidence of a nuclear fission incident in the eastern Mediterranean.

What is the lie? Decide for yourself.
If the ordinary average person does not realize that the other ordinary average person should not be harmed, there will never be a change, the time of the "golden age" will never come.

Chris posted this 08 August 2020

My Friends,

Thanks Atti. The source of the information:








NOTE: Do your own research and come to your own conclusions! There are always Loonies doing fakes so beware! 


Stay open minded also. This is awful!




We all need to realise, Ammonium Nitrate needs something to make it go bang! It does not explode unless Extreme Heat or another Explosive sets it off. It is a stable compound and will actually melt if heated without exploding!

If this is true, then why are they not saying anything? A cover up?

An article here: Lebanese President: We Will Investigate "Possible External Interference" In Historic Beirut Blast

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said Friday that an official government probe would look into the "possibility of external interference", including the possibility that the explosion was triggered by a rocket or a bomb.


Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


Chris posted this 08 August 2020

My Friends,

I want to share something which I think is of great importance.

The Beirut multiple Blasts occurred on: 5 August 2020, in some places, it was 4th

The following video was published on: Aug 2, 2020


Remote viewing works! It is amazing how we Humans can access things like this! I wish we could stop them! Stop awful things like this occurring!

Best wishes, stay safe and well My Friends,


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Augenblick posted this 09 August 2020

It is remarkable that the presenters are nearly all of the same age group, apparent race/culture, and gender. They are intelligent, to say the least.

Notice the presenters' eyes when they access stored knowledge of latent incidents - vs - the dazed look of imagination forming broad scenarios with generic details (from current world events) that can be molded by an observer's own imagination to connect a collection of generalized dots, at a later date. (All that good interactive left-brain-right-brain stuff)

When we consider that innumerous similar events take place daily, like their scenarios, we see that anyone with a good creative mind can produce similar narratives.

There is also an occasional glance of approval/acceptance seeking.

Setting aside this candid conjecture, I humbly propose, yet with confidence, that a phenomena does exist where subjects can represent memories/scenarios/details from another person, place and time, however by a different mechanism than what is likely expected in this context.

Humankind is an amazing and resourceful creation!

And ...

There exists much more than our sensory organs allow us to perceive, likely by intelligent design.

Great post! Thanks!

imho -A-

... in the blink of an eye.

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