Asymmetrical Regauging

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Chris posted this 18 April 2018

For a long time, Tom Bearden has talked about "Regauging".

Various terms have been bought up:

  • Asymmetrical Self-Regauging.
  • Symmetrical Regauging.
  • Gauge Invariance.

More terms were used.

I think this thread should be started with the example Tom Bearden gave:




In a strange sense we just wish to free the overunity EM power systems the orthodoxists already build and strangle, since they invariably design the systems to fight themselves to the death.  There really is a hidden free energy genie in the "escalating energy crisis" bottle, waiting to be released.

See Figure 26.  In a more humorous vein, I recently checked with my friend Rajah, in India, who moves logs with elephants in his logging business.  Rajah is an expert on asymmetrical self-regauging systems called "elephants".  His elephants forage for their feed, freely taking on excess energy from their environment and storing it, thereby asymmetrically regauging themselves.  Then Rajah takes one elephant (one net force with some regauging energy to expend) and uses it to lift and carry one or more logs. He has to pay a little to direct the elephant, of course, by hiring the trainer.  But the elephant produces far more work output than the work done on the elephant by the trainer/rider.  In fact, the elephant expends some of the free energy it has received from the environment in its foraging and asymmetrical self-regauging.

I discussed the problem of Lorentz symmetrical regauging with Rajah, and explained that in his business it would require that he always use his elephants in opposed matching pairs, straining fiercely one against the other.  He exclaimed that such a scheme was utter nonsense, because then he himself would have to furnish the energy to drag both the struggling elephants and the logs to the loading dock!  It was immediately obvious to him that such a proposed system was the worst of all possible solutions.

Rajah was astounded at my suggestion for such a thing, and asked me what on Earth prompted the Western scientists to make such a strange proposal.  I explained to Rajah that all our own Western power systems were already built that way, and the electric companies were very proud of the fact that they therefore continually burned fuel by the trainloads to keep the Western "logging operations" and "paired elephants inside the generators" going furiously to move the loads.

Rajah looked at me intently for a long moment, saw that I was not joking even though my eyes were twinkling, then laughed uproariously for an extended period.

"That is very, very strange!" he exclaimed.  "Never have I heard such a bizarre tale.  I think that I will never understand your Western science and its insane way of trying to use its elephants!"

Rajah then asked a simple question, "How many logs have they moved with their elephants alone?"  And I replied, "Not a single one!  They constantly drag two opposing elephants and their load of logs around at the same time, sweating and puffing and blowing and burning fuel to do so.  And our universities continue to assure us that such is the will of God and the laws of nature."

When I left, Rajah was till laughing uproariously, as he approvingly watched his own elephants working steadily and efficiently in singles.

Tale of Rajaha



So to make a complicated subject simple, to Regauge is a period of Time where the System Charges, or Resets, and then a following period where they system expends that work. Another example, a Rechargable Battery, Charge Time is Regauging, then usage Time is Work Time. 


A Graphical example:

The above Image is from: Here


The above Image is from: Here


The above Image is from: Here


It is always best to see examples, its a lot easier to make sense of! So, have we seen this before? Yes


The above example is very important! As the title says, this is "Asymmetrical Regauging"

The definition: The Energy required to Regauge during the Regauging Period, is much lower than the Energy expended in the Work Period! Because we have Energy enter from the Environment! From the Atomic Structure, because we are smart, and know how to! The Mr Preva Experiment is an example of the underlying principles!

As the Hydraulic Ram Pump appears to be a Perpetual Energy Machine, using Gravity as an input from the Environment to keep the Water Pressure sufficient, for operation!

The Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Water pressure again is used to turn the Turbines!

The Environment add's Energy, because of the System Design!


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Chris posted this 18 April 2018

Other example's also exist, my YouTube Channel contains examples, also on my Website:

My Thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT is also another example!

There is examples everywhere! The trick is to make the System Asymmetric, to have the Regauge Period a lot lower than the Work Period!

All this means is we have the Environment add Energy to our System!


Zanzal posted this 01 January 2019


Its really important that everybody learning this technology disassociate a Voltage with a Current.

Just because one induces an E.M.F on the terminals of a Coil, absolutely does not mean that Coil must carry a Current.

If a Current is drawn, then it absolutely does not mean the Source of Current, must be the Primary Coil.

A Conventional Transformer is not what we are building, so we must not follow those rules.

What is solid, is that a Primary Coil must be sufficiently pulsed to induce a sufficient Voltage Potential on the Secondary Coil. That's all.


Asymmetrical Regauging = Don't load your transformer while you are energizing the core and stop energizing the core when you've reached maximum flux because anything more would be wasted input. 

Chris posted this 02 January 2019

Guys, you're right!

A short sharp spike, Re-Gauges, brings up the potential of the Coil. That's all the Input Coil does!

This is the same as us placing the Permanent Magnet at the top of the Copper Tube:


All we then need do, is let the Permanent Magnet Fall. This is seen as a Sawtooth Waveform! It is a linear fall to Zero of the potential gained. At this point, one must Re-Gauge again, and the process repeats.

This process is Asymmetrical, a very small amount of power is required to bring the potentials up. At this point, huge amounts of energy can be extracted, and must be extracted. These machines are Current Pumps, they have a minimum, break even boundary.


Chris posted this 18 January 2019

Zanzal is correct!

Tom Bearden is correct, at least what I have understood. All except the "Magnet Conditioning" part of Floyd Sweet.

Again follow the simple rules! Create a Voltage Potential, turn off the Input! At the same time turn on the Output, both Magnetic Fields must Interact with each other as stated by Lenz's law!

Your System is doing Work with no input drawn, its an Open System! Your Input is only a Catalyst, to get the Voltage Potential Up.

It must be realised:

  • At Time t, when a Voltage is present on the "Generated" Output Coil, we can draw Current.
  • However, as soon as we Draw a Current we see instant Opposition!
  • Other wise, the Shaft of the Generator pretty much Free-Wheels!


Opposition must be between two independent Objects, thus Partnered Output Coils. All you must do is get your timing right!


Chris posted this 08 September 2019

Hey Patrick,

I have posted many times:



The basic Idea is right there. The basic Circuit can vary, but one we have recently looked at is:



The ideas and workings are presented here: Important: Delayed Conduction in Bucking Coils


Chris posted this 30 December 2018

Hey CD,

The Sawtooth Waveform is the Difference in Change of Magnetic Flux, between the Partnered Output Coils, over Time.

Which is Voltage, thus the high Voltage Measurement Probe:



One Partnered Output Coil is always playing catchup with the other.



Chris posted this 19 January 2019

Hey Jagau,

Current is Pumped by an equal but opposite Magnetic Field moving in Time.

This is the purpose of Partnered Output Coils. The Magnetic Fields are Equal and Opposite. The Currents are also equal and Opposite.

This works exactly the same as The Mr Preva Experiment shows. Current Equal and Opposite, as a result, the Output Current doubles as a result of Magnetic Resonance.


Atti posted this 19 January 2019

Create a Voltage Potential, turn off the Input! At the same time turn on the Output, both Magnetic Fields must Interact with each other as state


Chris, I used a timer. (For example, 555 timer for the primary coil, this triggers a monoflop for the secondary coil. Or SG 3525-TL494) One of the outputs of the timer switched the primary coil and the other output switched the secondary coil. So the two timings are not obscured. There is no power consumption from the power supply at load. The effect is interesting. Theoretically, even for the transformer drive and the pulse motor drive. My aim was to study the two magnetic fields. I'm still dealing with it.

Jagau posted this 19 January 2019

Ok Chris
I just understood how I would do my own set up

I quote these words very explicit.


''Some of the reflected energy in the secondary side is reflected back in the primary side in a way that aid the primary that pushes the primary instead of acting against it, what we should have in normal transformer.
So we have a negative power draw.''


If we are working in this direction, it is certain that we are on the right track


Chris posted this 19 January 2019

Hey Jagau,

Yes, you're right. But as I have pointed out, this is not magic! I have been showing these effects for more than 7 Years:


My work here was inspired by One thing:


"Sweet was also a transformer designer and expert, and he remarked that he had also observed specialized self-oscillation in certain transformers."

Ref: Energy From The Vacuum by Tom Bearden


"On rare occasions, Sweet saw this effect, called self-oscillation, occur in electric transformers"




The Input is assisted by the Ongoing Interactions of the Partnered Output Coils. Thus self-oscillation.


Jagau posted this 20 January 2019

Hey Chris,

I wanted to be sure that we are talking about the same thing.

What I wanted to say is that in a standars tranformer the current lag the voltage by 90 deg at the input and at the output.

In the following image: the yellow trace is the input voltage and the blue trace is the input current,

which is special in this photo is that in this special transformer

if you look at the green trace that is the output current: the current lead the voltage.

I had never seen a figure like this before


cd_sharp posted this 30 December 2018

Friends, I need to clear some things up about what Graham is saying, for my better understanding.

"The change of magnetic field is the electric field". Faraday's Law of EM Induction states:

E = dΦ/dt, voltage is the derivative of the magnetic flux over time, in other words voltage is the change of the magnetic flux during dt time period.

So, the saw tooth wave we see in here is the time integral of the voltage wave:

Edt = Φ, so the saw tooth wave is nothing but the magnetic flux.

Using a modern oscilloscope's Math function this is easily done for any voltage trace.

But is it correct to say that the magnetic flux is the same thing as the electric current?

Is the saw tooth wave we see above actually the trace of the current? If so, which current?

There are so many things I've been taught in school that don't add up.

Chris posted this 31 December 2018


Its really important that everybody learning this technology disassociate a Voltage with a Current.

Just because one induces an E.M.F on the terminals of a Coil, absolutely does not mean that Coil must carry a Current.

If a Current is drawn, then it absolutely does not mean the Source of Current, must be the Primary Coil.

A Conventional Transformer is not what we are building, so we must not follow those rules.

What is solid, is that a Primary Coil must be sufficiently pulsed to induce a sufficient Voltage Potential on the Secondary Coil. That's all.


alohalaoha posted this 31 December 2018

Essential Parts for an Over Unity Device by Don Smith

With a conventional Coil and Magnet System wherein multiple duplicate copies of the magnetic system accrues without diminishing the source is thee fourths the way there . Henry Fords magnet and coil system balanced out the forces such that it became self propelled at about 3000 RPM. A mutual agreement between the Ford and the Oil Companies shelved this invention. There have been numerous successful duplications of this technology which special interest slanders. The US Patent Office is particularly aggressive in favor of the Oil Cartel, due to the large income from taxes.

Balancing out the forces is a form of magnetic resonance which is easily attained. Being magnetic excludes it from OHMS and Lenz,s Laws. Therefore a small input results a larger output becomes self sustaining. The access of Energy Present has always been there, ignored and wasted by the special interest. Intellectual masturbation by the establishment further clouds a clear view of the truth.

Magnetic Resonance above 200,000. Cycles Per Second reaches infinity which means you are tapped into the Universe as a source of Energy. To the person with eyes open , the so called over unity is easily attained. As a World Class Authority on The Subject based my personal direct contact, Over Unity is an Established Fact.


Jagau posted this 02 January 2019

Asymmetrical regauging:  is a way to capture and use environmental energy as an additional energy source.

COP coefficient of performance: is used to describe any system by a formula any additional energy outpout compare to energy input.

n= Pout / Pin

Are we talking same thing??

Jagau posted this 19 January 2019

  • At Time t, when a Voltage is present on the "Generated" Output Coil, we can draw Current.


Hi Chris
  A huge voltage without input current draw.
  I am at this point.
  I'm looking for a way to make the current pump?


Chris posted this 20 January 2019

Hey Jagau,

In a Standard Transformer, the Input Current is 180 degrees from the Output Current give or take a few degrees for Hysteresis. Equal and Opposite.

Input Voltage and Output Voltage can vary some depending on Load and Transformer.

Input Voltage can be anywhere from a few Degrees (10 - 20 or so) to 90 at maximum and very rarely seen this far from Input Current. Resonant Transformers might be around 90 degrees, but as the Transformer is loaded then the Phase angle will normally fall right back to only a few degrees (10 - 20 or so) - This depends on load.

A Saturated Transformer will have virtually no Phase Angle! There is no Inductance so no Phase Angle.

Graham says in his video, @43 : 03:

Now I have this secondary current wave form flipped over, its true orientation is such that is still equal and opposite to the primary. But I flipped it over so we can see the timing relationship between these things a little bit better. Now is the peak of the Green waveform before or after the Primary: its before, its driving the primary.


It takes some study, it takes some making sense of. However, its should not be complicated, its not complicated. Its the combined Interaction of the System, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and the Timing of them. I had to tune my transformer to get the right interactions:


I guess I want to talk about the tuning as anything else.


My Tuning consisted of finding the Frequency at which the Coils exhibited the best interactions. Floyd Sweet also saw the same things in his early work. My early work, now more than 7 years old, seems pretty insignificant. I look back and think wow this is bad. But I was learning, had no guidance and was blind to new tech.

So, if we are talking about the same things, The Input being Assisted by the Output, then yes, I believe you will find a correlation there.


Chris posted this 07 September 2019

My Friends,

Sometimes, I still see that some are confused. It is a difficult subject, so I expect this, I still even now struggle with some aspects of this technology. Something that has helped me:

Tom Bearden said:

Energy comes from the time domain into 3-space.

Ref: Tom Bearden


I want to ask you to think about this statement in context to this thread: Asymmetrical Regauging

What does Time and Asymmetry have in common? What is the relivance:



If we use convention and say, in this case, Degrees is a quantity over time, then we see that Time is used with Asymmetry, to Pump Energy, our systems are using Asymmetrical Processes.

The Interactions between the Coils are key to understand, remember: Action, Reaction and Counter-Reaction.


Chris posted this 13 January 2020

My Friends,

Recently we have learnt, replicated, and verified the Importance of Asymmetrical Regauging.

We have seen it is real, in verifiable experiments! You will see similarity's from the post above, the Circuit I posted and the Circuit in this video:


The Circuits posted again here as a comparison:


You will notice a strong similarity to Don Smiths Circuit:


Don Smith told us the Importance of the Sawtooth Waveform:


Think Time ( t ), then think Action / Reaction pair after the Input is off.

  • Input is marked in Yellow.
  • Output is marked in Green.


The Time Marked out:


The Input vs Output Area:


With a Duty Cycle of 10%, this means we have Input On, only 10% of the Time in one Cycle. The rest, 90% of the Cycle is Output Time, when the Output can be Pumped, increasing the Output Current over a much greater period of Time than is normally possible!

To recap, when one looks at the following image:



  1. Regauge = Input On Time.
  2. Work Region = Action Reaction between Partnered Output Coils. Pumping Current.


You want as short as possible On Time. If one can Regauge quickly, then more Time in the Cycle can be work Region Time. Work Region time is where the Opposition of Magnetic Fields can Pump Current for a much greater Time Period than would normally be possible! This is simply the Action Reaction Forces that Newton gave us way back! What comes up must come down, but we have the opportunity to slow whats coming down with a Counter Reaction!

Asymmetry is introduced into the System, and we know what this means: "The Magic happens when you break Symmetry".


Jagau posted this 30 December 2018

Hi cd

This video is very long. I already look at it is highly technical.
Can you tell me the timing or did you hear that?



cd_sharp posted this 30 December 2018

Hi, friends

Can you tell me the timing or did you hear that?

In the above video, this one:

Thanks, Chris, I understand now.

Zanzal posted this 04 January 2019

So I went back and read a paper Bearden wrote "EXTRACTING AND USING ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FROM THE ACTIVE VACUUM." I only understood about 20% of what he wrote. The guy is either a madman or a visionary born several generations before his time. I'm not entirely sure which.

From his view, Free Energy is not a magical thing in fact you might say he doesn't believe in perpetual motion. He describes what he calls a Heaviside flow that might otherwise be called a kind of Vacuum Energy. If I understood him correctly this Heaviside flow forms around any dipole at the instant the dipole is created and propagates at c in all directions. Also when the dipole is extinguished, the loss of flow propagates outward as well.

What he terms a dipole in plain terms, a battery, a charged capacitor, a charged inductor, and an electret. And anything similar where there exists a difference in charge potential. His primary objection to how we deal with such things conventionally is that we exploit them in the simplest yet least efficient manner, typically by attaching our load directly to this "source." In this manner we quickly exhaust the source (collapse the dipole). This is the background context for his example above with two elephants.

His view is that we must learn to exploit this source differently. Having expended any amount of energy to create a source (preferably by the most efficient means), if we then tap the source directly then the source will collapse at a rate faster than we can gain energy from it leading to underunity. So then the key to all overunity (from the Bearden perspective) is to learn how to tap or rectify the Heaviside flow. From this view Bearden's negative resistors could be thought of as devices or components which source energy from the Heaviside flow.

Bearden's more generic view of Asymetrical Reguaging would be any system in which we create a dipole using the least amount of energy, and do not tap it directly or immediately. Chris' proposal with POC transformers is completely in line with this thinking. By not loading the transformer a large magnetic potential is created within the transformer. This potential if used directly will collapse, but if this potential is allowed to influence other nearby inductors it may under the right condition induce opposite potentials which themselves might be harnessed directly.

Speculation: These opposite potentials might arise as a way of the Universe trying to cancel out the original potential. In a similar manner, if for example there exists an electric scalar potential it may appear to do no work simply because it is being actively cancelled, however, if under the right conditions this cancellation was nullified suddenly there might arise a very real charge potential.

Jagau posted this 19 January 2019

The right angle component which the magnetic flux provides, translates into useful electrical energy. Taken at right angles, the Magnetic Dipole provides an unlimited source of electrical energy. 


Ok Cnris well understood
there is also this asserion at the beginning of the thread

that just gave me another idea.


chocolate blanco posted this 27 January 2020

Other example's also exist, my YouTube Channel contains examples, also on my Website:

My Thread: Some Coils Buck and some Coils DONT is also another example!

There is examples everywhere! The trick is to make the System Asymmetric, to have the Regauge Period a lot lower than the Work Period!

All this means is we have the Environment add Energy to our System!


Hello Chris, in physical education it is called active recovery, example: you run 1000 meters and you recover resting 5 minutes, that is symmetry (work and recovery), you run 1000 meters and you recover walking, that is asymmetry (active recovery), the body is oxygenated much faster and the blood circulates better, you need less and less recovery time, being active, I imagine it in an electronic system in the same way, totally natural

Dadrev posted this 10 June 2019

Este hilo tiene muchísimas perlas.

Chris, de verdad habéis logrado un foro en el que se trabaja de verdad y en la buena dirección.





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Chris posted this 10 June 2019

This thread has many pearls.
Chris, you really have achieved a forum where you really work and in the right direction.


Thank You Dadrev!

I put a huge effort in, every day! I have a very strong desire for the Human Race to progress! We are currently stuck, in a hole and it is very hard to get out of holes! Every family of the world deserves Cheap Clean Power!


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patrick1 posted this 08 September 2019

Haha, i love that Bearden Phrase.,  like the mans dipole obsession

rest in peace B

Hey Chris, any chance you can post an image, of where, in a simple manifestation of the effect. the coils need too be in relation too eachother, geometrically on the core. , inclusive of say, a primary coil, or two.



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Chris posted this 27 January 2020

Hi Choc,

Yes the example is there! Timing is quite different but you get that from the examples I have given.


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Atti posted this 01 January 2019

To declare it is always easier than to obtain evidence.

Chris posted this 20 January 2019

We are getting way off topic, this topic needs a new thread!


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