All you want to know about VECTOR MAGNETIC POTENTIAL and his divergence but nobody told you

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alohalaoha posted this 08 July 2017

Hi best man in Oz, Mr, Chris Sykes and all his friends around the world. Chris i am glad you have updated the forum. lot of water has flown untill my last visit here,

This subject is very extensive and big with lot of experiments, physical-mathematics many misteries (for now but not for further time) and many unsolved questions. One thing i know 100500% - TESLA SCALAR PHYSICS IS KIND OF WHITE MAGIC.

Material is mainly on Russian and i will translate in parts according to forum's members interests here. Lot of joint work need to be done for all of us to have vivid crystal answers to our's free-energy questions.

links to my

Опыт №33 Дейна С. А..docx

____ _33.docx

_____ 6.docx

Thanks for attention


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Chris posted this 08 July 2017

Hi Alohalaoha - Welcome!

Thank you for posting all this excellent information! It will take some time to go through!

Once breaking the most complex things down to the smallest observable components, much makes sense, it is easier to study.

Thank You and Welcome!


alohalaoha posted this 09 July 2017

Thanks for welcome Chris.

Take some time and watch vids of my friend Sergei Deyna at tube

He was talking and make lot experimenting all about scalar magnetic field, vector magnetic potential and many unsolved electrodynamics problems which had been exposed by great Russian professor Gennadiy Vasilevich Nikolaev from Tomsk in his life work:

Непротиворечивая электродинамика. «self-consistent-electrodynamics.»

P.S. Every one, who wish to study this book, should know blameless Russian language and also know high mathematics for engineers. Simplest way is to make experiments while first learning some basic conceptions from Chris Sykes work.



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alohalaoha posted this 09 July 2017

OK. now is 09.07.2017 . 11:44:41 AEST time in Sidney

Lets start watching some interesting videos by Дейна С А


Магниты. Второе магнитное поле Николаева-6 - Magnets - Second magnetic field of professor Nikolaev


Опыт №33 Солунина и Костина - Experiment №33 by Solunin and Kostin

and this one . where Sergei shown us how to detect sclara magnetic field with both sign Hsc+ AND Hsc- using analog oscillograph catode-ray-tube and toroidal core as scalar field generator.


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alohalaoha posted this 09 July 2017

This is a model of Vector magnetic potential →A or Father of both components of complex magnetic field, VECTOR ONE →B = rot →A plus SCALAR field Hsc = - div →A. Hsc = (Hsc+) + (Hsc-) and Hsc ≠ 0.

This is simple 2D model of electron with all fields and his vector magnetic potential. Of course we should imagine this like volumetric in 3D spining objects to get corrct picture in pir mind how the fields look like around moving electron particle.

What is important is that Hsc- is in front of electron moving direction while Hsc+ is behind. Both scalar field components have form of semi-whirlpool votex, while vector B-field is strictly perpendicular to Hsc. One more important thing is that Hsc- componet has ability to accelerate moving charges i.e. electrons once they get in his volumetric zone, while Hsc+ contrary - decelerate moving charges.

At excellent Sergey Deyna CR-Tube experiment you can see how electron katode rays were in one case accelerated and in second case decelerated according to initial setup of Scalar magnetic field generated by toroidal core with special winding configuration. In his toroidal configuration Sergey has shielded vector B-field inside infinite toroidal core circumference - while Scalar Hsc field is not shielded and has position along main toroidal axis - through the hole at both sides from center.

Using precise referent time base as main clock generator and knowing times electron rays hit tube screen, we can easy meassure electron acceleartion or deceleration speeds like time shifts and read it directly at pulse width frames on oscilloscope screen. This is one of variants how to detect Hsc with both polarities and also their spatial configuration,

Speaking simply i tell you that negative sign scalar magnetic field is infinite prime mover source for any objects from sub microscopically electrons through heavy electric machine rotors. In same time looking from another direction positive Hsc field is a primary hinder for any moving action. As a proble being harder there is another plus obstacle by lentz vectorial rdrag force, for complete stoping any electrical machine.

So solution is in carefully shielding lentz force and his source B-field, for example like toroidal coil configuration, with precise reconfiguartion of positive Hsc+ scalar field to avoid their joint undesirable actions.



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alohalaoha posted this 09 October 2017

Kyle Klicker- Motional Electric Fields associated with Relative moving Charge experiment 1986 year


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Chris posted this 09 October 2017

Another great document Aloha! This is a good thread, detail for Potentials. 

Thank You!


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